The act of eating a lot more food than everyone else in the group, causing everyone to call that person fatass.
Little Jimmy had three bags of candy and a large soda at the movie theater, so everyone, including his parents called him a fatass.

10 years later, Little Jimmy entered a middle school hot dog eating contest. Little Jimmy gobbled up record high 676 weenies, shattering previous record of 325 set by Michael Moore and tied by Rosie O'Donnell. Everyone, including the president of hot dog eating contests, called Little Johnny a fatass.

Another 10 years later, Little Jimmy finally moved into his own apartment where no one could judge his eating habits. Little Jimmy ate 62 big macs to celebrate. Despite dying of a clogged anus the next morning, nobody was around to call Little Jimmy a fatass, so technically he was not a fatass.
by susepenederes December 24, 2009
Top Definition
Someone with more chins than a Chinese phone book
Bruce is such a fatass.
by Dollyrocker January 22, 2008
As in a Fat Person and/or an extremely large buttocks. Can also be used in an insult, calling someone "fat" may not always work, so adding "Fatass" My help to boost your insult to astronomical heights
"Taylor has a Fat Ass"
"Taylor is a Fat Ass"
by Shane December 14, 2003
someone of fat nature with multiple chins and scrumptious love handles.
greg, your such a fatass...
by Eric Millman July 18, 2005
A fat person who cant move or stand up ...... well only when they are licking the cheeto cheese off their fingers
that fat ass is so fat i bet it takes him 35 mins to find MR. happy
by mickster 555 September 12, 2006
A fatass is someone with overlapping lovehandles, multiple chins apon chins, and man tits that are triangle shaped due to gravity. They never want to get up, unless food is offered, and there fat giggles when they breath, walk, and talk.
Eric ur chins are giggling and your not even moving, ur such a fatass.
by Greg Fat Man February 11, 2006
a person that sits on the couch all day and watches shows like Ricki, Maury, and Jerry, and eats bon bons
you're a fat ass
by fatty January 14, 2003
A fat bitch. So fat they cant even see their penis anymore. Someone who the opposite sex is ASHAMED to be seen with. A large corpulent person with sausage fingers and a fat mush face.
Mike: Did you see that vitale kid?

Art: Yea, he sure is a fat ass. Girls must laugh at that sucker.
by fdhitelbacher February 29, 2008
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