Someone who is extremely proud of their laziness and should be worshipped for their ability to avoid burning calories.
"Shanotgettinit!" Shouted the fatass when the knock came on the door.
by Sean Connery February 26, 2003
1. an ass that is fat
2. One who is fat in general
3. An insult shouted among annorexic girls when one of them breaks the 80 pound mark.
"Cartman, you fatass"
"EWWW!! You are, like, over, like, 81 pounds, you fatass!"

by Fatass July 20, 2003
a fat fuck who only thinks about eating and doesnt have anything better to do
"damn that guy Joe is such a fat ass since he only thinks about eating food"
by paula rangel April 12, 2008
A derogetory euphamism for one whose posterior quarters contain an abnormally abundent supply of solidified body fats and fatty acids.
The tubby guy who spends all his time playing World Of Warcraft mostlikey, has a fat-ass
by dr. krack head August 03, 2005
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