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a girl, with a fat ass.
Baby, you're a fatass. WHAT? You have a fat, ass. Oh, thanks. :)
by UGLYBLACKKID3 April 16, 2011
To be huge or bigger than anything in this world. Enormous beyond all extent.
1) She got hit by a Fat-Ass truck!
2) That byotch left a Fat-Ass mark on his face.
by LEE The Dope Form November 17, 2008
An insult given to only the fattest people who deserve it most.
If you are so fat you can't see your toes if your able to look down, then you're a fatass.
by skinnydipp34 January 15, 2012
Kim Kardashian.
Eric Cartman.
Any person with a large unattractive rear end.
A painfully honest description of an oversized butt.
Not quite wide load, but getting close.
Kim Kardashian's fat ass has gotten so huge!
by jsd96321 January 13, 2012
1.) A person who is fat and is also considered lazy.

2.) A woman with a visually stimulating buttocks (see: booty). The two-word combination might also be spelled "Phat Ass", litterally meaning that the ass is "phat".
Man at club 1: Damn, she's got a fat ass!
Man at club 2: I know negero!
by VinnyCee January 05, 2005
a FAT ASS is a voluptuous female butt that brings many men (mainly black guys) pleasure to the eye. It is often very round and large in size.
Man, Kim Kardashian has a FAT ASS!
by booty master2395748 March 17, 2014
it is most commonly known as someone
with large hips and is normally fat and

the fat is collected at the buttox area

It can also be slang for...
F- Funny
A- As
T- that
A- annoying
S- small

S sausage
jane- and then i fell i down the stairs and face planted the curb

lisa- FATASS thats so funny
by Iffyy09 July 03, 2010