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one or more listed below
1. someone who is fat
2. someone who eats a lot
3. someone who is lazy
4. someone who is greedy, especially when it comes to food

u know.... a fatass
oh my god jack, you ate the food you fatass
by aznfatass May 31, 2007
The Vista Audit Team
when all you do is work and eat you are a fat asses
by URADIK March 22, 2007
A man who decides to go on a diet and throws away all his junk food, only to eat it out of the trash later that night because he can't control himself. He is usually so ashamed of his fatass that he won't get up from his seat at the movie theatre even when he really has to pee (and poop all the food he ate; he is embarassed that his fat ass will brush across everyone's face because he is so fat.
If you can't get the shit stains out of your workpants, we are going to have to let you go, fatass!
by tankin355 October 13, 2007
One who steals the lunches of others in order to have a larger hoard of food for their fat ass. They may be larger or smaller than other but in reality they are huge on the inside.
That fatass Jan took my coleslaw because it smelled funny.
by Joey Keating OMG! May 28, 2007
someone who is overly large and can't see their dick without looking in the mirror
Wow! Tim's such a fucking fatass!
by ets543 December 10, 2006
someone is oversized and eats a shit load
This kid named will that goes to my school is a fatass
by Tyler C December 04, 2006
someone whose corpulence is too much for their frame.
michelle is such a fatass
by dj druzy May 31, 2006