Not anyone who is obese,but someone who eats no matter what and wants food 24/7.
George:Damn Sebastian ordered 3 big-macs in a row.
Micheal:Yea,hes such a fatass
by Peewee hermanizer August 04, 2014
one or more listed below
1. someone who is fat
2. someone who eats a lot
3. someone who is lazy
4. someone who is greedy, especially when it comes to food

u know.... a fatass
oh my god jack, you ate the food you fatass
by aznfatass May 31, 2007
it is most commonly known as someone
with large hips and is normally fat and

the fat is collected at the buttox area

It can also be slang for...
F- Funny
A- As
T- that
A- annoying
S- small

S sausage
jane- and then i fell i down the stairs and face planted the curb

lisa- FATASS thats so funny
by Iffyy09 July 03, 2010
The Vista Audit Team
when all you do is work and eat you are a fat asses
by URADIK March 22, 2007
someone who is overly large and can't see their dick without looking in the mirror
Wow! Tim's such a fucking fatass!
by ets543 December 10, 2006
someone whose corpulence is too much for their frame.
michelle is such a fatass
by dj druzy May 31, 2006
The act of eating a lot more food than everyone else in the group, causing everyone to call that person fatass.
Little Jimmy had three bags of candy and a large soda at the movie theater, so everyone, including his parents called him a fatass.

10 years later, Little Jimmy entered a middle school hot dog eating contest. Little Jimmy gobbled up record high 676 weenies, shattering previous record of 325 set by Michael Moore and tied by Rosie O'Donnell. Everyone, including the president of hot dog eating contests, called Little Johnny a fatass.

Another 10 years later, Little Jimmy finally moved into his own apartment where no one could judge his eating habits. Little Jimmy ate 62 big macs to celebrate. Despite dying of a clogged anus the next morning, nobody was around to call Little Jimmy a fatass, so technically he was not a fatass.
by susepenederes December 24, 2009

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