If you use this word you are definitly a single nerd
"Hey, why don't we hang out sometime? That would be fantasmic!"
by Janaye September 03, 2002
a cross between fantastic and orgasmic, used when you can't say orgasmic (i.e. public places)
That sundae was fantasmic.
by fabuloso May 13, 2005
To put roughly, a cross between fantastic and orgasmic. Quite a lovely feeling. Used in friendly situations. Not to be confused with phantasm.
“Wow, that guy was fantasmic.”
"You are truly fantasmic darling."
"OMG, fantasmic sex!"
by Cursive_West December 22, 2006
Anything hot, awesome, turning on full, cool, or generally wicked.
Wow, that hat is fantasmic.
OMFG, that massage was fantasmic with extra asmic
by Margy April 21, 2006

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