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by Anonymous May 14, 2003
Tinus, aka Penis

Is used for a huge cock, when not erected, which stands out.
OMG look at that dude he has a Tinus. Dam how can that fit in his pants.
by BBillz February 03, 2010
Tiny penis.

pronounced {tee-nuss}

yelled when people get random errections or if they actually have a 'tinus'

the word was created when walking down the road talking about someone who does and couldn't get it up
*usually talkative person sitting in maths very quietly*
*girl glances over notices something*
girl: HAAAAAAAA -insert name here- has a tinus

girl 1: i heard you spent the night at -insert name here-'s house! you guys get up to anything fun
girl 2: nah... we were going to but he has a tinus and he coodnt even get it up
*both giggle*
by u no hooo September 19, 2009
Totally Incompetent, Not Useful

Mostly used in MMO's
yeah he pulled a Tinu on us
by Bunkella June 01, 2011
There Is No Us.
Some of us (TINU) think that urban dictionary rocks.
by Peter February 11, 2004
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