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An idoim describing somebody amazing or very cool similar to Jesus, Clapton, Alice Cooper, and chuck norris
"Your such a Mikel, brad pitt."
by KingOfNarnia February 03, 2010
noun. - Meh-kel
3 - detailed definition

1. One who can perform moves, stunts, etc. with profound skill.

2. A being of untold awesomness.

3. Any one person that carries this name is usually a very hard to find guy.

With his spontaneous personality, and a natural tendency to be unbelievably awesome wherever he goes, Mikel is typically an unchallenged Badass and pwns at everything he does, and when he pwns the pwnage is so intense that the pwned begs to rather walk away in defeat that they tried to challenge Mikel.

Mikels typically hang around people who he only deems worthy of beng in the presence of him, He usually has two main bro's and they go by various names; most commonly they are named Evan and Shayne.

Mikel is a loyal friend and companion, truly one of a kind and hard to find one now a days. Mikel is lastly one of the few in the tribunal of Untold Awesomness for he and another person of equal awesomness created all things sexy and awesome!
1. "woah bro!"

"that move!, was totally mikel!"

"oh dude, i know!"

2. "i was walking home and i saw something that could only be described as mikel!"
by Webster's Dictionary Supporter November 18, 2011
A complete idiot, a cheater who's afraid of kissing the person he likes. Also known as son-of-a-bitch-with-no-self-steem. Further, his dick is as big as a peanut.
I went out with a Mikel for 6 months and he gave me not even one kiss.
by GeekyTenth November 25, 2014
Any type older teenage male with a tendency to gravitate towards girls at least three years younger in situations involving alcohol.
"wow she was only 14 you fucking mikel!"
by Rodrigo Da Silva December 19, 2006
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