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Term: Fucking Niggers. A racist term referring to African American stereotypes. Often Gangster associated.
Devon! You're such an 'fn'!
by Jose Buttavcoli June 13, 2007
A short form for lazy mutha fucka or Fat Nick

Fat Nick is a sticky greasy grimy slippery sloth and should not be trusted when he says "ill pay you back" or "man i dont have it" pictures of an FN can be found on the walls and the ceiling of Da Basement.
Yo its the FN the mutha fuckin' fatty's in yo' house dont let him sit down there'll be a dent in yo' couch
by Tremblah December 30, 2006
fuck nigga
That fn Jack got his ass whopped last night
by InfraRed March 29, 2003
fn is a abbreviated form of fanny - which is considered as the bottom in the USA and the front bottom on ladies in the U of K
'That skirt is so short I can almost see your fn'
'Put your fn away for god's sake woman'
'Listen mate I don't want to compare fns'
by Bo'diddly November 10, 2003
Fairy 'nough.
<Subeta> KD + Dip Apprent + 7x DC = I win!
> Yeah, FN.
by the terminal sloth March 25, 2003