A polite way of sayng fucked in the ass
You know that book report we did? I totally got F'ed in the A by that one.
by Tom Geaslen November 11, 2005
Top Definition
Fucked in the Ass.
In prison when i dropped my soap i got f'ed in the a by billy bob.
by Ralphus May 11, 2004
The process or act of getting "F-ed in the A"
Carl said, "Jeez Paul your mom is going to kill you"
Paul replied, "Dude I'm so fedinthea!"
by RobForman2315 January 21, 2008
to lose,get owned,or get goated on. usually makes your A hole bigger.
Dom got F'ed in the A by the cig-head next door.
by goats November 05, 2004
To end up feeling like your soul was just raped, losing any sense of well-being and praying that you won't get something permanent out of the deal.
John could solve the energy crisis but he got F'ed in the A when the neocons and theocons thought they wouldn't like it and they made him a person of interest and no one would talk with him after he lost his job.
by Bob Cain February 26, 2006
means literally: fucked in the ass
Melvin: Wow, dude. You really got f-ed in the a on that one.

Audra: Damn right I did, my ass hurts after that one.
by Joe Beau December 11, 2005
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