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to lose,get owned,or get goated on. usually makes your A hole bigger.
Dom got F'ed in the A by the cig-head next door.
by goats November 05, 2004
noun- one who mooches cigs(cigarettes)from their neighbor.
verb- to take cigs from one's neighbor.
Dude,your neighbor is a cig-head.
On my way over here, I saw your neigbor cig-head your mother.
by Goats October 30, 2004
Bin orginally was a code word for "bitch" but evolved into something much bigger. It can now mean slut, shit, fuck, damn, cunt, scapegoat, or simply cocksucker. It's use is an artform.
Goat: Hey Binny, watch the napkin.. watch the napkin.. are you watching?
Bin: Yes
Goat:Where'd the napkin go?
Bin: It's right there, douche.
Goat: I have no pants on.. ahahaha, you're a Bin.
by Goats October 30, 2004
taking a shit on the floor as u receive head from a really fat disgusting girl
"I just had the ill smashing blumpkin last nite with that huge bitch"
by goats February 23, 2005
a moustache that begins under your nose(like every other moustache)and curves downward beside your lips. moustaches are cool, but this on takes it to the extreme.
I woke up one day and the artist formally known as Zoe had a handlebar moustache.
by goats November 05, 2004
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