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when a former significant other cuts off all contact with someone following a breakup.
After I broke up with Jane, she no longer speaks to me and even blocked me on Facebook. It was a total excommunication.
by PhoneCall October 06, 2011
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Social death is generally a precursor to slavery or an inability to pursue happiness and social mobility, and results from excommunication--with excommunication being rooted in the Catholic Church. Because excommunication will result in dehumanization and slavery, it is not an appropriate analogy to make to being cutoff from communication with people or having them sever ties with you. Excommunication can be manifested, sublimated, and broadcasted through culture (I.e. holidays) in order to inculcate conformity to a national or dominant identity at the expense of the things of interest and importance to the subjugated identity.
At one time, a Jew during the season of Christmas was excommunicated from an American culture that was intertwined with the holiday of Christmas because of economic incentives and because Christmas is intertwined with the childhood memories of many Americans. Because excommunication results in social death--it confuses many Jews who value the history that they were set free from the land of Egypt as God's chosen people and don't want to be expected to live a never ending story of moving on and letting it go.
by rbdz29 February 24, 2017
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