The chilly splash of toilet water that hits the anus after letting loose a huge piece of feces.
Whooa, Hahhh! -just had an Excalibur!
by pjskrov November 18, 2005
The legendary sword wielded by King Arthur, which he drew from a stone as a boy, thus becoming king of Camelot. One of the most powerful weapons in the Final Fantasy series of RPGs.
Honey, I'm off to find the Holy Grail and I'm taking Excalibur with me; call my cell if you need anything.
by LudwigVan December 06, 2003
Actual sword given to Arthur by his servant, Merlin, who was supposedly a magician.
Excalibur can be decoded - ensis caliburnus, by Celtits (haha), meaning 'the calibian sword'
The Sword has an origin from the east part of the world, given to this king. Read the Last Legion by Valerio Massimo Manfredi and go to the Author's Note to find accurate details.
The whole sword in the stone legend must have been bullshit. Sword magically stuck to an Anvil? Wtf? But the Arthurian Legend about the king was partly fact.
by Yomommy August 03, 2005
Extremely corrupt member of the Graalian staff. Known for shutting down Mithica and PKing Snerdly on 2k1 with Staff Boots and warping tools.
Excalibur is being a whore again.
by Snerdly March 21, 2003
When engaging in fisting, insert arm to the wrist, grab hold of anything loose and pull violently.
Excuse me honey, but being your knight in shining armor I feel it is only fair that I show you EXCALIBUR!
by Andy Kumar April 30, 2005
When you take a massive shit and part of it thrusts from the toilet water like King Arthur's excalibur.
I took a massive excalibur just now and would not flush.
by King Arthur May 04, 2004
the maximum peak moment in an orgasm when you feel like youre gonna explode because it feels so great
behold the power of the excalibur
by c0r0na September 05, 2003

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