When you take a massive shit and part of it thrusts from the toilet water like King Arthur's excalibur.
I took a massive excalibur just now and would not flush.
by King Arthur May 04, 2004
When engaging in fisting, insert arm to the wrist, grab hold of anything loose and pull violently.
Excuse me honey, but being your knight in shining armor I feel it is only fair that I show you EXCALIBUR!
by Andy Kumar April 30, 2005
the maximum peak moment in an orgasm when you feel like youre gonna explode because it feels so great
behold the power of the excalibur
by c0r0na September 05, 2003
A loser who spends his time listening to prog metal and masturbates to softcore pr0n.

Similar to rocking out with one's cock out.

Euphemism for "skinny fragile penis".
I'm gonna go excalibur at the movie theater tonight.

Ew, he's got an excalibur!
by `Raptor May 31, 2005

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