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The Gods of Progressive Rock, and a band consisting living legends:
John Petrucci (Guitars and vocals - overwhelming)
James Labrie (Vocals - Better than best)
John Myung (Bass - great but seems to be by his band members)
Jordan Rudess (Keyboards, Continuum and lap steel guitar - petrucci's music twin)
Mike Portnoy (Drums, Percussion, Vocals - One of the greatest drummers)

Every1 should get DT's new album, Octavarium, it ROCKS!!
Dream Theater rules over the popular fucks in terms of 'music'(but music is all that matters!) and cannot be compared to crappy-rappy music shits.

Bitch: "yo dumbass, rap is the best, dream theater sux shit"
Me: "Well, that's cuz u don't know real music, and suck the mic 24/7, cocksucker.
Bitch: "O.."
Me: "Yeah you STFU, or i'll call Bush"\

Famous albums:
Images and Words
Train of Thought
by yomommy June 30, 2005
Actual sword given to Arthur by his servant, Merlin, who was supposedly a magician.
Excalibur can be decoded - ensis caliburnus, by Celtits (haha), meaning 'the calibian sword'
The Sword has an origin from the east part of the world, given to this king. Read the Last Legion by Valerio Massimo Manfredi and go to the Author's Note to find accurate details.
The whole sword in the stone legend must have been bullshit. Sword magically stuck to an Anvil? Wtf? But the Arthurian Legend about the king was partly fact.
by Yomommy August 03, 2005

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