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The act occurs when a couple are having sex without a condom and the male does not "pull out" before ejaculating. The idea is that he is suppose to but it feels too good or he just doesnt give a fuck.
"I had sex with Hannah last night and fell victim to the sword in the stone, i busted inside of her."
by NeonBlack26 July 18, 2009
sex position where the woman lies on her neck with her legs spread and the guy stands over her and dips his cock in that pussy
none that I can think of, peter north does it in a movie though
by Fil December 18, 2004
When a fucker (usually a guy) fucks another guy (fuckee) in the ass and the top of his dick comes out his mouth. The fuckee tries to pull at the dick but to little prevail, it just gets harder.

In Greece putting your thumb between your index and your middle finger and making a fist indicates discontent (similar to a middle finger), but symbolizes that man fucking the recipient in the ass. On an average day that would be a small penis, but not when its a sword in the stone!
Jakob was complaining about his throat hurting so i gave him the sword in the stone. That ended that.


Have you seen that video with the horse and that guy?
by Leaman December 14, 2007
When a girl does a handstand over a man's penis and she moves her hands away and falls then deep throats the man
"Yo ricky you got the sword in the stone?"
"hell yeah bro! She puked all over me, it was nasty"
by Acuara December 07, 2015
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