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5 definitions by T-Bird

Star Wars. small furry beings that build tree houses and use primitive tools most of their species live on Endor
"Wicket C. Warret is the most famous Ewok"
by T-Bird June 23, 2004
144 66
The most comfortable overely priced beanbag chair you will ever sit in
Man can i comeover this weekend and lay in your oversized sac
by T-Bird January 11, 2005
45 22
star wars. a powerful yet wise Jedi who is exceptionally good at using the force. he now resides on the planet Dagobah where he lives in a yurt. he is a firm believer in mediatation and he believes in holistic medicine
" Yoda is the toughest motherf***er in the galaxy! "
by T-Bird June 23, 2004
33 16
a song made popular by a german band called Nena in the mid 80s the song is of a light poppy tone the actual title is 99 Luftballoons
"99 Luftballoons was a hit in the 80s"
by T-Bird June 22, 2004
16 4
sand people mostly nomads. they have thick clothing and wear air masks to keep them from inhaling sand. they carry a gaffi stick which is a long club with a point at one end sometimes covered in poison. Tusken Raiders although primitive people they are excellent marksmen. sometimes you will see a Tusken Raider riding a Bantha.
" The Tusken Raider carries a gaffi stick "
by T-Bird June 23, 2004
14 11