Ewoks are pikeys who live on Endor. They fancy Princess Leia, but almost have her Rebel friends for dinner, after nicking their guns and hats. Later they make a drum kit out of Imperial helmets, after throwing rocks at them.
Chief Chirpa, Wikkit The Ewok, and those cute baby ones that make girls go "aahhh..."
by Wikkit August 09, 2004
Ewoks are teddy-bear like creatures from Star Wars that live on the planet Endor.

But do not be fooled by their cuteness. These badass little motherfuckers will fuck you up. And just when you think they're done fucking you up, they'll fuck you up again.

There is a reason why you don't see any other animals on Endor; because the Ewoks fucking killed them all. And the ones that they didn't kill are too scared of getting their fucking skins ripped off to show themselves. Nothing on Endor breathes without the Ewoks' permission. Once, they found a Jedi, and they tried to COOK HIM. Then, they encountered an entire legion of the Empire's best troops, and they kicked their asses using nothing but rocks, logs, and a few catapults.

Never mess with an Ewok. They will kill you, and play drums with your FUCKING SKULL. At least, if one of 'em doesn't decide to use it as a HAT.
a: Oh look, Ewoks!

Ewoks: Oh look, dinner!
by Name removed by the NSA January 03, 2014
(verb) To ruin an otherwise excellent film by introducing a cheesy element which attempts to cater to the director's children. In all likelihood, however, they are probably embarrassed by it.
George Lucas totally ewoked The Phantom Menace with Anakin Skywalker's precocious one-liners.
by levis501z March 09, 2010
(Verb) Using a simple method to exploit a flaw in a piece of sophisticated machinery, with the intention of disabling it.
In Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi, Imperial AT-ST's legs were a target of ewoking by rolled logs and tripwires.
by deporteddwarf September 05, 2009
A very short female of round appearance with short stumpy legs. Facial hair is NOT mandatory for this species, though a large number do tend to wear at least some growth. They are known to have great affection for Pussy Monsters. They originate from the Canary Wharf area of East London, though they have quickly spread worldwide.
"Watch those Pussy Monsters devour those Ewoks"
by Mike Marrey July 05, 2007
Local Slang for "Easy Women Of Kihei" or, at least it is in Kihei Maui... seeing as towns that begin with "K" number in the hundreds throughout the state, it could just as easy apply to "Kahalui" "Kailua" "Kohala" or "Kona" just to name a few. but I always use it to describe the easy, slutty party girls found in the Kalama Village "triangle" ( a one block den of alcoholic excess, perversion and vice, located in the the town of Kihei, now mind you I have no issues with such things... but you gotta call a spade a spade, no?)

ask any local boy (or girl) about what goes on in the triangle after the sun sets, and the wholesome family tourists head back to their rooms, and the young "fresh off the jet" swinging dicks head out into the night to try their luck in picking up an EWOK, some will piss off the wrong Kamaaina or worse - a burly Kanaka or three and end up a grease spot on the lanai of one of the many bars in the triangle. Others will "get lucky" and end up plying an EWOK with enough booze, and get themselves a piece of tail.
Mainlander: "Hey man, I think that chick over there is scoping me out"
Resident buddy: "Yeah, she is... but Brah - She's one Dirty EWOK, everyone has had a piece of that skank - if you like go there brah, you bes double bag um, and you no can bring her into my Hale... you go pound that on da beach if you go make liedat.
by Evil Snuffalupagus June 24, 2013
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