Evolution, the combination of such processes as Natural Selection, Sexual Selection, and others, is the subsequent collection of scientific processes that eventually change one organism into another. It is important to discount a few widely held myths here that Creationists often erroneously use to discount Evolution, bringing up half-baked ideas about how one or more "facts" disprove evolution, without bothering to actually know what they're talking about. However, a little care and attempt at education can easily clear up these mistakes:
1.) Evolution does NOT necessarily dictate that animals (or plants, or fungi, or whatever you fancy) must evolve into something more complex. If all animals over the size of cockroaches were wiped out tomorrow, that would be a form of evolution: the Cockroaches and smaller animals would be the surviving species, and "Survival of the Fittest" (a common saying used in evolution) would hold true.

2.) Evolution does NOT, I repeat NOT suggest that humans "magically appeared from crawling fish". Evolution takes time. HUGE amounts of time. We're talking about half a billion years here (~500,000,000)for the total evolution from the first protochordates into the modern Homo sapiens. Not a couple days. Not even a couple centuries. This time span is so long that it's often hard to comprehend. The changes were gradual, as some random "mistakes" in our DNA made some animals better able to adapt, and others not as able to adapt. It is NOT like throwing sand in the air and having it come down as a sand castle. It is, however, like sprinkling little tiny bits of sand here and there - sometimes a grain at a time - and eventually building up to a sandcastle. And sometimes having bits of the sandcastle knocked down.

3.) Species that died out, such as Homo neanderthalis (Neaderthal Man) are not counterexamples. In fact, it shows that two different species, with two different natural "sets of equipment", have different ways (and thus chances) of surviving or outlasting eachother. We and Neanderthals DID stem from the same common ancestor. However, whereas Neanderthals had stocky, tough, but not to bright build, we went the lean and brainy root. That was fine for a little while, but soon we outcompeted them, and they died out.

4.) In regards to the comment above that some species were found in the wrong area: The earth moves. Ever see a volcano? An earthquake? Rocks don't always just sit there.

5.) Any educated biologist will not respond by saying "oh, you're right, evolution didn't happen."
Bill: But monkeys and fish look real different, so evolution must be wrong! Fish change into monkeys suddenly? LOL!

Jill: That's not really what Evolution says...
by Newms34 October 07, 2006
A scientific Theory (a Theory in science being the closest to certianty possible, wihile remaining scientific) That does NOT in ANY way:

speculate on the origin of life on earth or otherwise (see biogenisis)

speculate on the origin of the universe

speculate on anyting but the prosess of genetic change in a population

state that any instantant transformations from one spicies to another has ever occured

state that humans cam from monkeys (it does however state that we share a common ansestor see Ape)

detail how a geneome could change in a single generation (evolution happens over multiple generations)

state that humans are in any way above or below any other form of life

state that as spicies evolve, they become bigger, 'better' or stronger, only more adapted.

state that there is no God

state that I hate most of the other, misinformed definitions (although this is true)

affiliate its self with the opening of penut butter jars or puddels being struck by lightning.

affiliate it'self with nonbiological or non-self replicating matter such as boeing 747s and scrap

allow its self to be defined by the majority of the definitions on the first few pages

hate you (but I might)

comment any anyting remotly metaphysical like the soul
That just about ruels most of the top rated definitions, and that is my point, find out what evolution is before considering yourself in a position to define it. On the subject of irriducable complexity. here's a laman's guide to the evolution of the eye:

An organism developes a cell/cluster of cells sensitive to light through a random mutation, this allows the organism to distinguish between being in light and dark, giving it a few obviouse advantages over it's competing organisms.

This then developes into a line of cells, giving the population the advantage of detecting the direction this light is coming from.

The line then becomes gradually more concave as the spicies developes, giving it more and more sense of directon of the light.

the cells then concave to the point of being a ball with a 'biological appature' allowing the spicies to eventually see basic images.

the cells then evolve to detect different wavelenghts of light (colour) ect. ect.
Doesn't Evolution say we call come from monkeys?

Doesnt Evolution say that all the dirt in the universe was condensed into a region smaller than a period at the end of this sentence?
Absolutly fucking not!!! EVER!!!!!
by Science, get it right. November 13, 2011
A nightclub in Bristol where post-townie single mums and office girls congregate to consume vast quantities of alcohol as preparation for the next days paid sick leave. Often used as an alternative to a social life when one is unavailable.
"I can't come in today, I'm not feeling very well."
by Yaoigirlproxy January 22, 2005
The best idea since sliced bread!!
What does sliced bread and evolution have in common?
They're both f***ing brilliant!
by Squirel December 21, 2006
Basically, it's how creatures, and plants were made a billion years ago, and how they changed (evolved). According to most Christan's, this is 'just a theory', as they like to believe that God did it. All of it. And that science is wrong. That's like saying "Oh, gravity's just your wacky, blasphemous theory." Jesus Christ, people! This isn't the 1600's any more. We have highly educated, trained, and intelligent people spending billions of dollars to tell you how bugs have changed in the last million years. It's called fucking science, and science (sigh-ents) is what us normal, non-God fearing people accept as real. Even the fucking Taliban accept science to some level. Chemistry, and physics goes into that bomb making.
Sir Issac Newton: "Hey guys! An apple hit me on the head, and I figured out some ideas on what makes stuff fall to the ground!"
God-fearing simpleton: "Really? And the answer's not God?"
Sir Issac Newton: "Nope, it's something I've called 'physics!"
God-fearing simpleton: "Let me see that." (Burns Issac's theory)
Sir Issac Newton: "Hey, what the hell, man?"
God-fearing simpleton: "Nope. God did it. And bring me your theory on evolution. I'll be sure to give that a read."
by Comrade 47 March 01, 2008
Any change in an organism or population, there is no such thing as good or bad evolution.
Grey bugs survive better on grey rocks than black bugs, this is evolution.
by Loller July 08, 2003
After reading all the inept douchebags' definitions for evolution, I feel like I need to straighten some things out. Yes, I am an atheist. Yes, I do believe in evolution. I can't believe I even worded it like that, because that makes it sound like it's just some crack-pot theory. It is a fact. For all of you people who think that it is just some way for atheists to describe a world without "God", this just increases how incredibly inane you come off as. Some of you even think that there hasn't been proof of evolution, that there haven't been any fossils that show adaptations. Did you just not pay any attention in your science classes on purpose? "LOL SIENTS IZ STUPID EVOLUSHUN SAYZ THT WE CAYM FRUM MUNKEYZ".



Some of you have said that the Big Bang Theory is asinine as well, because "it says that the universe was created from one atom." The universe did not explode from hydrogen or any one element. It was all quarks and masons and charged particles so dense that they were opaque to light.

One person even mocked how scientists know the age of each layer of the earth. Just so you know, we do have actual intelligent people (unlike you, of course) that know a googolplex more than you. They do have actual technology that can date things now. If you haven't noticed it's actually the 21st century, not the 19th.

Please, just because you don't understand something, do not go and trash it. If I wanted to, I could talk shit about everyone's religion and tell about how ridiculous they all are. But I'm not going to, because I am a good person. I have been raised in a Christian family all my life (which has no correlation with my morality and knowledge of ethics). I go to church at least once a week. I do not disrespect my family or friends for what they believe in, even though I am completely against their religion. So I will say this: do not put others down because they believe in evolution - even though it really isn't a belief, it's a fact - it just makes you look like a fucking hypocrite.
Evolution and issues like this make me so angry. It just kills me that these people haven't been educated thoroughly enough. I was holding back so much. I have to let a just little more out...

Maredith's 53rd Calypso
Foma may make you happy, yes.
All these religions,
Cinderelli fairy tales,
Where they go when they dies.
But when do harmless untruths
Become harmful lies?
by Maredith June 19, 2008

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