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4 definitions by Squirel

The best idea since sliced bread!!
What does sliced bread and evolution have in common?
They're both f***ing brilliant!
by Squirel December 21, 2006
The best thing, well, ever!
(blank)is the best thing since sliced bread!
by Squirel December 21, 2006
The worst waste of space ever.
people are considered "intelligent"? What about global warming, huh? and the Iraq war? and George Bush!
by Squirel December 22, 2006
A company that, back in the day, made some pretty good movies, but now has been reduced to working with Pixar to churn out mass-produced crap.
Oh great, another Disney movie parodying pop culture. Been there, done that.
by Squirel January 26, 2007