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The dumbest and most dangerous RELIGION in the history of planet earth. Come on, you really believe everything came out of nowhere (in violation of the first law of thermodynamics) and 3 billion years ago a rock came alive and sloooowwwwly EVOLVED into everything we see today. Now just go back and look at what you believe and think about it.
Rocks don't come alive. Check it out you'll see i'm right and evolution is illogical, dumb, stupid, ridiculous, crazy, etc. think about it your grandfather wasn't a rock.
by kawi99k July 09, 2006
1. A frantic attempt to explain the existence of life by people who illogically and unreasonably make a presupposition that there is no God!

2. It was used by Hitler to kill millions of innocent lives.

3. A concept with bad evidence that is described in huge, sophisticated words to make it seem scientific.
Individual 1: "Hey, do you believe in evolution?"

Individual 2: "Of course, we need to offer some explanation for life to counter those religious fanatics!"
by StudentDoc September 09, 2010
alright, there's two things people may mean by evolution.

1. they may mean, living organisms evolving over time. we do actually see this happen.

2. they may mean, the theory that all that exists has randomly come into being. many people SAY that this THEORY is proven fact. if they would RESEARCH it, however, they would find this isn't actually proven. this theory might be true. it might not be.
1. "my dog is evolving... it's becoming a cat!"
2. "omg! you don't believe in evolution? you're a loser. what? uh... no, i haven't really researched it. i just believed what they fed me in my biology class."
by redheads_are_firey October 04, 2007
1. The idea of things changing over time makes sence, but:

2. Over all its just a big scientific lie as most of science is just made up so scientists won't get blamed for doin nothin and wasting funding
run evolution is a big big big big big big lie made by evil scientists as all scientists are evil
by $LAYER November 18, 2005
Apes/Monkeys turning into fucking people? Thats fucking stupid. Who thought scientists were FUCKING SMART. Thats making scientists look fucking idiots. Dont know what the fuck their talking about and think they came from apes/moneys "there fucking hairy and were not so much" so scientists go fuck off and talk about how you came from hairy monkeys so suck your fucken 1 cm dicks NIGGERS.
If you believe in evolution you a douche.
by cruzruz September 10, 2006