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Tortuous lecturer. This individual is not just prone to tortuous lecturing in matters of intellectual discussion, but considers this a form of casual social conversation. He or she will only give accounts that are overly long, detailed, winding. His approach is completely self-centered, without regard to the attention-state of needs of his sounding board. He will not reads signs of boredom or fatigue but may get peeved when details are not remembered by victims. The tortalect will assume the listener's patience can be mistaken for friendship. Conversation ultimately becomes lecturing.
Since becoming immersed in grad school, Dena is a complete tortalect. When we talk on the phone, she will just go on and on about herself. It's even worse when we are out because she will glam onto any stranger and start her tortalects.
by omarazam March 16, 2006
A derivative of the phrase "white trash," Eurotrash refers to Europeans who have become subservient to low-end American cultural ideals. This phrase became expedient after the fall of the Berlin Wall and with the exportation of trashy American culture into Europe. Such Europeans have become more trashy than our trash, so to speak.
That Eurotrash couple knows more about American Idol and Gangsta Rap than my coworkers at Micky D's.
by omarazam February 01, 2006
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