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Means Donkey In Armenian
Toon Esh Es
by OoOoGraYoOoO November 25, 2003
pretty much short for eshays, or otherwise known as the new term for " weed ". usually lads say it
1 lets go for an esh braa

2 esh lad
by Asiara November 27, 2007
(Origin: Northern Beaches, Sydney dialect - Balgowlah Boys High)
(Pronounced: as spelt "Esh")

positive, meaning: yes, agreed, good, excited...

(To some extent, derived from 'fresh' and can be used in almost any sentence where general positivity is implied)
1. - "Do you want a beer?"

- "Esh"
(in this case, 'Esh' means 'yes')

2. - "Your shirt is esh"
(in this case, 'Esh' is substituted for nice/cool/good)

3. - "Let's go to another club.."

- "Esh"
(in this case, 'Esh' is substituted for either 'yes' or 'agreed')

4. - "That's esh!"
(in this case, 'Esh' would mean that whatever "that" is, is good/positive/cool/nice etc..)
by TrueAussieDictionary May 18, 2009
any marijuana otherwise known as "esh" or "esshi"
by stealth amuser August 30, 2009
marijuana smoking term - session
short for the word session, derived from
"want to a have a session?"
simplified "want to have a sesh?"
then simplified again "lets go for an Esh"
very similar to the word oke= smoke
and the word graf = graffiti (also Graffin)
>Dawaynelle - yo man did ya see that mad fro up?

>Blayden - yeah man, oi lets go do some graffin
>Dawaynelle - ye first lets have an esh bro
>Blayden - fuckin OKE!!
by thegreatestshowbagonearthsux September 06, 2011
A derivative of "aesh," an all-purpose expression coined by Eric G of Sonoma, California at the time.

"Aesh" and "esh" are typically used as a response, and, depending on the tone of delivery, convey the user's feelings toward a subject. Bottom line, it's something you say when you're high (but not always) and words fail you, and it's catching on, so I felt the need to give myself credit somewhere.
Mikey: Race me Trinity!
Eric: Esh... (unwilling)
by Gricke October 11, 2009
Yes, Positive. (Sydney Northern Beaches Australia possible origin.) Sometimes pronounced Ash.
"I asked her to marry me and she said esh."
"EEEEEEEEsh that."
by Team_180B July 23, 2006