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Pronounced Er-mer-Gurd.
A term used to convey surprise, shock, anxst, disgust or any other emotion regarding the unexpected.

It derived from the term Oh My God and has become used in the mockery of someone at fault.
Ermagherd bro, wtf was that!

You are such an asshole, ermagherd.

*friend knocks over bin*

"Hahaha dumbass, ermagherd."
by TheCapedCrudeSayer August 16, 2012
Pronounced er-ma-gherd, this is is an expression of shock usually used on terms of of fangirling. It has adapted from the phrase 'Oh my God'.
'Ermagherd ( insert band/fandom/ship)'


'Ermagherd I just'
by Gotham in ashes July 27, 2013
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