An amazing person to have as a best friend; she will support you in all that you do when she is your best friend, and she will ALWAYS be there for you.

Even when she does not agree with you, she will help you with your problems and work true magic, especially when it comes to relationship problems.

She always has the best advice and can make anyone see both sides of a story and helps to commit what may seem to others as impossible.

She can convince anyone of anything and is super smart. Though she usually gets nothing in return, is entirely giving of herself to help put her friends' lives back together again.

Erin is completely unselfish and forgiving. This girl never gives up and fights until the end; she is a real and true life hero, and my best friend.
Friend 1: Rafael and I have been having a lot of problems lately, what do I do?
Friend 2: Go talk to Erin, she always knows what to do!
#best friend #arin #forgiving #unselfish #greatest #magic
by Megs1028 November 08, 2010
Top Definition
Erin is a female who has the body of a goddess and the brain of a genius. Men are drawn to her good looks and her awsome sense of humour. Out of all the females in the world its the Erins who rule.
guy: your just like Erin
girl: omg thats the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me
#beautiful #gorgeus #brilliant #sexy #funny #perfection
by iluvbutt May 26, 2008
The absolute most perfect girl in the world, and even her flaws are more beautiful than any other girl's perfections. She's the cutest thing on this earth =]
Erin I love you so much. You're my tiny little princess. =D
#erin #coral springs #perfect #cute #amazing
by ShawnCondon April 30, 2008
1. Ireland.
2. A person's, mostly girl's, name.
1. Aye, Erin is lovely this time of year.
2. That girl's name is Erin. She's awesome.
by Michael Cotterell September 04, 2005
Erin:(noun)(verb)(ajective); funny, cool, hot, awsome, nice to be around, an irish beauty. Flirtatious, hysterical, the best person to fart around, she is pretty, hyper, wack, mad funny, drunk, and loves sugar. Erin is the best person over all.
Erin is Cool.
#erin #aaron #cool #funny #awsome #hot
by ilovejohnnydeppforlife September 14, 2008
1. an extremely aweome girl with talent, humor, and bueaty.

2. Lover of 7.5
I love you ur such an erin!
#justin #justinator #erinrocks #pizza #makingout
by mr.7.5 April 27, 2008
Erin is an extremely attractive young lady. She has super powers no other human could possibly fathom; She is more powerful than Chuck Norris. From her silky smooth hair to her perfectly sculpted feet, she is flawless. Erin can be described as almost any positive adjective. She attracts men all over the world for her charm and quick, flirty wit. If you are trying to date Erin, do not expect to get her without a fight. Erin is not a slut or hoe by any means, but she does know how to give a man what they want. Not only is Erin beautiful, she is caring and giving to people who are less fortunate than her. The model citizen is Erin and everyone should strive to be like her.
Dustin: I'm changing my outlook on life. I want to be more like ERIN!
Dustin's Mom: That's my little boy! The world could use more Erin's!!
Dustin's Dad: Maybe your mom should try to be like Erin, then maybe I'd actually enjoy sex with her.
#erin #sexy #hot #omg #love #bang #bootycall #jesusinhumanform
by Well my name's not Erin. August 17, 2009
The Beautiful, exotic island of Ireland. Erin is peaceful is calm.
Erin-go-bragh (sorry for spelling) means ireland forever.
#ireland #erin #forever #peace #calm #beautiful
by alekk June 22, 2006
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