Erin is an amazing and beautiful girl who may seem shy and awkward at first but is very nice, understanding, trustworthy, supportive and a great friend. She'll always be there to listen and will always be there to support you.
Guy: Hey, who's that?
Guy 2: Oh that's Erin. She's amazing and adorable.
by optaki January 13, 2012

Erin is the goddess of love and beauty a sexual goddess, the girl in your dreams, the definition of perfection. . .great at every thing. She does .she is loved by many. she is an amazing angel love flows from her if you meet her you instantly fall in love. She takes care of every ones needs before her own . She deserves every thing in life for she is a goddess of beauty and the angel of love.

Girl one “who is that women that every one is watching it’s like your drawn to her

Girl two “yes that is Erin the sweetest most amazing women you could ever meet every one is drawn to her. it feels great just to be in her presence and no one can resist her it is great just to be her friend. She is friends with every she meets. You can not help but love that women. She is just so sweet and hot every one loves her guys and girls line up just to talk to her.
by justfamilyandfriend December 04, 2010
The most amazing, beautiful, Talented, Gifted, best Ginga in the whole world. She is always there for her friends and is always confident even if the world is falling down. She always puts a smile on her face even if shes sad. She never lets her friends get hurt or sad and she always makes them laugh. It is an honor to be her friend. Ich Liebe dich
Theres Erin, Shes so cool
by Ich Liebe Maria June 22, 2010
really pretty and nice such a fantastic girl anybody would be lucky to have her........hopefully that guy is me.
by laxer96 June 16, 2011
A wonderful, beautiful creature ascended from heaven above. So gorgeous all of her friends get jealous, and end up imitating her. The body of a goddess, the brains of Einstein, and the heart of a golden retriever. Witty and creative, this girl can easily score a ten. She can cook and has a healthy appetite, she is a free spirit, and super popular. Guys love her, but she is in no means a slut. Absolutely Perfect:)
Boy 1: Did you see that girl over there?
Boy 2: Who? The smoking hot one?
Boy 1: Yeah, she'a a total Erin
by Youthinkyougotgame? July 03, 2012
(v) to kill violently with a skittle or other hard candy implement.
Erin, no! I don't want to die!! Besides, I hate Skittles.
by asian_man March 26, 2009
Erin is a girl who loves to laugh. She's kind and an amazing listener, who gives the best advice. Erin is always there for her friends, even when they aren't there for her. Erin is intelligent. She has a very good score in all her classes, and generously offers to help others bring up their grades. She does charity work and volunteers often. Erin is a kind girl who always thinks of others before herself. She is sweet, adorable, tall, funny and beautiful inside and out. Erin is friends with many guys, but doesn't notice when they like her. Erin is great. Erin is by no means shy, but is quieter than most because she doesn't like interrupting her friends. She makes friends easily but often ridicules herself and wonders if they actually care about her.
girl wow erin is amazing, she helped me study!
by Lovingsummer March 19, 2013
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