Very beautiful and amaizng , and talented , loved my many and very trustworthy,
She is so Erin!
by iloveme24 July 10, 2008
Body of a goddess, brain of a genius, face of an angel. You don't find many girls like Erins. They're very flirty, and they don't last in relationships to often. Erin's are very independent, and don't need a guy to be happy. They are capable to make anyone laugh or smile. They can smoke just as much as any guy and can probably out drink you, good lucky keeping up with these crazy bitches. If your luck enough to get on, you better hold on to her ;)
She's perfect, she has to be an Erin.
by Secret MJ February 09, 2009
She feels all things to their extreme. When she loves, she loves with all her heart. When she cries, she cries a river. When she hates, she'll burn your house down.
by SpecialEd72 February 04, 2010
Not a drunk or a smoker. She's a very cool chick and will express her opinion without hesitation. Erins are very stubborn and hard to argue with since they, in fact, ARE so stubborn. However, Erins are very creative, and amazing artists.They have amazing fasion sense, and their music taste is magnificent. Erins act very tough, and are very tough when it comesto defending themselves or their friends , but Erins are also very sweet, and give amazing advice. They also have a soft spot for fluffy/cute things. Erins are also ridiculously skinny even though they can eat you out of house and home.
Random Chick: Who's the girl with the sketchbook?

Different Chick: Well, Duh, she's obviously an Erin
by Alice Lee Caroll March 06, 2012
-Bestest person ALIVE!

-great friend to have; bad friend to loose.

-very purdy!

-Tree-hugger much?

-Worries/Cares WAY too much.
Erin is the wonderfuliest person EVER!
by Taess ! September 06, 2008
is the coolest amazing-est person ever! i couldnt live without her
i love erin :)
by sugartits622 September 10, 2008
A quiet girl that secretly loves attention, but doesn't show it. She is crazy and very humorous and can make anyone smile. Usually is athletic, tan, and has great hair. If you ever find one, never let her go. :]
"Oh my gosh you have to meet my new crazy/funny friend!"

"Let me guess. Is this person an Erin?"
by Ayame837 September 29, 2009
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