The most crazy awesome girl you will ever meet! Erin in very smiley and loves to goof around and have fun. Erins are the most attractive beings on Earth and and very smarticle!! Their sexiness draws hot guys named Jacob to them. Overall, the best girl you'll meet. This ones a keeper!
Daaaayyumm! Erin is lookin fine today!!
by daayuumhotness November 14, 2011
Erin is a girl who loves to laugh. She's kind and an amazing listener, who gives the best advice. Erin is always there for her friends, even when they aren't there for her. Erin is intelligent. She has a very good score in all her classes, and generously offers to help others bring up their grades. She does charity work and volunteers often. Erin is a kind girl who always thinks of others before herself. She is sweet, adorable, tall, funny and beautiful inside and out. Erin is friends with many guys, but doesn't notice when they like her. Erin is great. Erin is by no means shy, but is quieter than most because she doesn't like interrupting her friends. She makes friends easily but often ridicules herself and wonders if they actually care about her.
girl wow erin is amazing, she helped me study!
by Lovingsummer March 19, 2013
The most Perfect, wonderful girl in all the land. a girl whose grace is almost as good as her witt. a girl with a slamming hot body and the smarts of a master. <3
Wow your so amazing, your such an Erin!
by Airbear99 January 26, 2012
Erin is a great beautiful girl, and has boys chasing after her 24/7 she is perfect and is reliable. She's always their for u even wen ur down and need a friend. She's so trustworthy and courageous. She isn't afraid to stand up for herself. Erin is a great person and u will never regret having her as ur friend. Especially if she's ur best friend. My bestfriend. It would mean the entire world if this was posted because my bestfriend deserves a lot more then what she has and is. She is a princess
Erin- we have to help the kittens in the shelter today
Me- Erin ur to kind
by Thatmysterygirlme October 01, 2013
A very beautiful and spontaneous woman. Everyone should know Erin because she is an extremely great person. If a guy where to ever date he he would be the luckiest man on the earth because Erin is a smart funny intelligent fun to hang around person.She has really pretty brown eyes and there not just any brown eyes, her eyes you just want to look at all day everyday because you never want to let her leave your sight. Also with her pretty brown eyes you might even find yourself "eye flirting" with her across the room or bar. She is the girl you fall asleep thinking about. Erin also likes to spend her leisure time to sing and dance and hang out with. So if any guy were to ever date Erin you better take really good care of her because shes a keeper and you will never want to let her go.
" Erin your such an amazing person to be around "
" I wish I could spend lots of time getting to know Erin "
" Dude Erin is so gorgeous "
by Tommy Hicks April 11, 2013
A wonderful, down to earth girl. Always putting others first and the perfect girl to spend your life with.
If an Erin asks you out, you must always say yes. If you don't then you will be missing out on a lot!
A good kisser and will want want to spend every second of their day with you.
Jack: Your have a good girl there!
Bobby: Yeah! Ikr, she's a real Erin!
by Winnie1 February 03, 2014
Erin; an Irish beauty, lovely&kind, nice to be around, mad, crazy girl, serious, funny,
Boy; your just like a Erin
Girl; aww, that's the most nicest thing someone has ever said to me
by Miss chocolate December 21, 2013

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