enzo a stalker who looks in basement windows and break collarbones
Person 1:Look at that enzo falling in windows all down my street.
Person 2: You would think he would have stopped after he broke his collarbone.
by ummmm ok March 18, 2008
a cuban guy who thinks hes the shit and lies about people dying,hits girls,weak fighter, and think hes a genius, who suck at xbox and football.HE IS ALSO THE REASON WHY THEY CALLED THEY CALLED THE PERK IN MW3 "STALKER". he has no life and tilts his head and blinks 1000 times a minute.and got beat up by a girl.
person: my mom died... will u kiss me
person2:ur such an enzo
by chair424 December 22, 2011
A terrible haircut. This derives from the show Seinfeld. The episode is named The Barber.
Jerry is sitting down on the couch with a really bad haircut. He is holding a mirror. Jerry and George are looking in disbelief at the haircut.

George: He massacred you. You look like you're five years old.

Kramer enters. He flinches when he sees the haircut.

Kramer: No way my Gino did that. It's an Enzo.
by BricklayerTCK June 21, 2010
a worthless piece of shit who has two gay dogs most usually small dogs, no life and masturbates in hot tubs while looking at pictures of evan chase
enzo is gay
by mr.chase April 10, 2009
Jamie's World History teacher, Whom she wants to fuck like an animal.
Ugnh! Ungh! Ugnh! Ungh! Ungh! Ungh! Ungh! Ungh!
by Annie October 01, 2004
Puerto Rican crack dealer.
Wha' hup, Enzo ? Holdin' some o' that cavvy ?
by Johnny Chingas May 02, 2004
enzo fuckin d. dhc kung fu niggaz
dogz of war
enzo d. got down douring nothing ta loose

by BULLDOG October 03, 2004

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