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My crackhead cat that is named after the car!!
Enzo Fat Fuck Kitty is his name!
by Jen September 15, 2004
15 76
he started out in genoa and ended up in milan. enzo is a cunt.
some things you know enzo....will not be forgot.
by andrew October 02, 2004
20 83
A car that came ten years too late to have any lasting impact on the motoring world.
Auction on e-bay for enzo- $1 million

Auction in London for XJ220- £120,000 ($200,000)

Auction on Ebay for F40- £276,000 ($350,000 approx.)

The Jaguar is 1/5 of the price, better looking, faster and generally cooler. There isn't a substitute in the same price range (or many in higher ranges) for the SuperJag. The enzo barely manages to compete with the XJ220 despite being McLaren F1 price.
by Gumba Gumba April 04, 2004
8 72