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One who wrecks their car within the first month of getting their license.
Dude, your such an ennis
by Rindin November 02, 2007
One who gets into a car accident within a month of obtaining a license.
Dude you wrecked your car!?!? Your such an ennis!!!!
by Rindin November 11, 2007
A man who is blonde and is smart in school but seems autistic outside of school. He forgets things often and seems to sound stupid when thinking of ideas. He does not know how to do anything on his own and likes to ask other men to help him. Sometimes is referred to as gay behind his back.
Dude your such an ennis
by Cfrrvynmimuby January 24, 2014
Someone to self conscious to about himself to establish a good relationship and try to cope by cursing and making a fuss but is sad and only want real friends and is easily misunderstood.
dude that guy was extremely misunderstood, yeah mus have been an Ennis.
by Black clouds July 31, 2012
usually albino a racist but over all really nice and LOVES basketball
dude did you see the albino guy at the party

yeah he was racist

must have been an Ennis
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