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n. Copenhagen Snuff brand of smokeless tobacco made by US Smokeless Tobacco. Generally considered to be tougher than Skoal and more respected
It takes a real man to dip cope
by Ray Flynn May 10, 2005
the act of dealing with a certain causality that happened recently to one person. The process of trying to get over someone or something. Dealing with what had happened.
Joe: Yo any news from Dan lately?
Luke: No, i hate to see him cope over that girl he had that dumped him yesterday
by Danny320 August 05, 2008
Short for "Copenhagen" chewing tabacco?
Lets dip some cope today.
by steve February 22, 2005
One of the DOPEST & FRESHEST New York City graffiti kings ever. Big King Cope 2. He's been through it all, from the days of Subway top to bottoms, to the new school production stlyes and street bombing.
Damn I wish I got as up as Cope 2, he's a legend.
by Hamydeez April 16, 2004
An obese Day of Defeat gamer. Frequently visits the forums of the popular DoD fansite, 1911. Where he lacks in skill he makes up in pure stupidity.
Cope: what a HUGE NERD LANing with his <online friends>. o and LAN_MAN nice sunvisor with ur eLeet online alias on it. go outside idiot.
by Escher June 24, 2003
A useless bastard that has nothing better to do with his time than drink, smoke weed, (pretend to) surf, get AIDS, hump his dog, and cry while he masturbates. Makes fun of others for not living on/near the beaches of San Diego, as if we actually gave a flying fuck. Mother is frequently passed around like it's her job.
The guy Cope is one huge douchbag. See: douchebag , balls if i care , cawww-cawww , ummm helloooo , and Bojangles
by Mrs. Hay February 17, 2005
A dingleberry that won't leave.
After I thought I had fully wiped my ass, I realized that I still had a cope clinging to my backside.
by William Armstrong August 07, 2003
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