The beginning of a verbal catastrophe. You will start off mocking the way Asians say English but then all your L's will become R's. This virus will spread to your friends, family, and perhaps even your dog.

Used enough times, this epidemic will consume your Engrish vocabulary.
"No speako Engrish! Haha that's hilarious.

Hey did you check your emair yet?
No no, it'd the spreading! MY ENGRISH-"
by Dohboy SHS January 14, 2010
Engrish can be simply defined as the humorous English mistakes that appear in Japanese advertising and product design. Most often english words are misspelled with the letter 'R' in place of 'L' leading to the name engrish.
Engrish comes from other countries besides Japan, although not usually as abundant or amusing. supplies a regular assortment of hilarious engrish mistakes.
Examples of engrish:

-A sign put up during an election reads: "Erection in progress"

-Construction sign: "Today is under construction"

-Hotel directory: "Front Robby, Loom Service..."
by Devick September 12, 2009
Mistranslations in Engrish is done with good vocabulary and bad grammar that are in Engrish. Resulting in hard to reads that are sentences in Engrish. "L" and "R" has no distinctions in Japanese, creating the term.
"All your base are belong to us."

"A winner is you!"

"Somebody set up us the bomb."


"No trespassing through east and west gate allowed." (from Wikipedia's article on Engrish)

"Please wastepaper would chuck in bin." (ibid)

-All examples of Engrish
by an elite June 25, 2009
the humorous English mistakes that appear in Japanese advertising and product design.
Dude, check out the packaging for these rice crackers--the engrish is hysterical!
by Derek April 05, 2005
Asian form of the common english language.
Congraturations! You can now speak Engrish! Victoly!
by BreadShizzle April 04, 2009
The English language spoken by someone with a heavy Asian accent to near Scooby Doo extent.
"I am spreaking Engrish. Whrat the fruck is da matter wif you?"
by GodSaysNo November 12, 2009
The result of trying to fit English words into Japanese phonetics (what sounds are used, and how those sounds are stressed when speaking in a given language).

Engrish happens, because its hard for someone used to speaking Japanese to speak proper English so they use speaking patterns the are used to. Its like an American trying to speak sexy fluid French without years of practice.

Engrish also occurs if someone wants to speak English without knowing the language. So they take the English syllables of what they want to say, and put them in Japanese characters that represent a single syllable, and read it like that.

The most well known form of Engrish involves swapping "R" sounds for "L" sounds or vice versa, (hence the Term "engRish") as the Japanese sound for both of these letters is a single rolled "R" (like Spanish).

Also many times syllables are cut short or added onto because Japanese syllables must end in vowels (it seems to be most common to stick on either "o" or "u").

So "Roll" would be lo-lu

And Beer would be "Be-a" or "Be-a-ru"

Engrish is very common in Anime and Japanese pop culture since English was, and still is to some extent, very popular and stylish in Japan.

The other definitions are not Engrish at all, they are babelphishing. Even though the two go hand in hand, they're still, but still very different.
"Ki-ra" = Killer (Used in Death Note)

"ZA WA-RU-DO" = The World (used in Jojo's Bizarre Adventure)

"O Mai Ga(do)" = Oh My God

"Cha-ko-re-to Kei-Ku" = Chocolate Cake

Anime guy: "Sa-ka Mai Ka-ku!"

Viewer: Dude that guy just said "Suck my cock in Engrish!"
by Khrene Cleaver of [I]talics October 15, 2011
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