Quite possibly the dumbest website ever. The editors over there think they're cool because they hate everything, when really, they're just pissed cause they got kicked off of /b/. Is never taken seriously, and is mocked by the people who read it. Unfortunately, the writers take it VERY seriously, and it's SERIOUS BUSINESS if you dare insult them.
Encyclopedia Dramatica is for the very people they claim to hate: thirteen year old boys.

How do you get kicked off of /b/? Seriously?
by Lady Alzers March 26, 2011
Pretty much all of what has been posted here. I won't say more about those aspects.

It's ironic that sometimes they cause people to embrace the very things that are derided and hated upon in the article. For instance, I got into ICP purely because of the "F**king magnets" article I visited. And it's also how I discovered the word "furry".

The course of action to take? Nothing. Take the neutral jing; if they make you mad, they win. Also, given the sheer amount of retardation in this excuse of a website, I predict it will collapse under its own weight like a black hole, what with every "Good New Article" that they get.
From the Encyclopedia Dramatica article on furries:

Furries are the scum of the Earth, and the surest candidates for dying alone. The furry fandom will accept ANYONE, and hence attracts the worst and most pathetic people in the world. Furries are so ugly that they make Brian Peppers look attractive, so stupid that they make autists look smart, and pathetic beyond compare. FAIL doesn't even begin to encompass how bad furries have done in life. Dying alone is the best they can do, preferably in the style of Mr Hands.
by Mr. Skyhawk September 20, 2010
A 30 minute sketch comedy television show staring Dr. Phil, Hulk Hogan, and Missy Elliot.
Billy Ray Cirus: Yo, homez, did you see Encyclopedia Dramatica last night?

His Daughter: No dad, you had me bound up in rope in the back seat of your car.

Billy: Oh, oh well, sucks for you!
by EricxMastaRymah December 12, 2007
Parody of Wikipedia. Some pages are funny, whilst others are OMGWTF/CRY/CRY/CRY
Dude 1: I was on Encyclopedia Dramatica the other day, I looked up kittens.

Dude 2: Aww! I love kittens!

Dude 1: It wasn't what I expected...

*Dude 2 goes home and looks up kittens*

by Monkeys Are Communists November 18, 2010
A website detailing events, people, places, and other sorts through a satirical manner while holding some truth. However, this site has degraded over the years into a site for people to complain about things they don't like with inhabitants ranging from 13 year olds to idiots using ED as a guide to the internet because they think the site is cool. A typical article today on ED would contain many unnecessary notes and cursing, obvious signs of complaining by the author of the article, and many pointless links to words regarding inside jokes.
"OMG this site suxs, IMA go make an Encyclopedia Dramatica article about it! XD"
by Sage the faggotry December 25, 2009
A site that consists of pathetic, immature, childish, attention-wanting losers so desperate to express their illogical, exaggerated opinions. Their aim is to make the viewer and internet surfer laugh in hopes of achieving some significance to the people by making crude, retarded, and ignorant articles, yet in a pathetic way, they're articles actually amuse some. Every article has stupid opinions, false facts, and their own references in defining who or what they choose to criticize, lampoon, and ridicule. Funny thing is, all of these hurtful things are actually true about themselves. Fueled by their stupid motto "In Lulz We Trust", the members of this ridiculous site are empowered by the anonymity that they must attack whatever they find funny, interesting, or news worthy.
Encyclopedia Dramatica-In Lulz We Trust
by XxXxXxXxXMikeXxXxXxXxX February 18, 2012
A good satire wiki which had a nice run, before being replaced by OhInternet in 2010. It had been in declining quality since 2007 where it merely became 4Chan's bitch. Since its re-rising, it has become a hate wiki where everyone who is successful gets ripped on in every way by jealous people (apart from faggots such as Justin Bieber, who deserve all the hate they can get). Gone are the NSFW adverts, but the retarded content is still there and as autistic as ever.
1. Fat nerd: Hey, Encyclopedia Dramatica came back up
Normal human: Oh god, not again. Didn't they learn the first time?
2. Oh man, everyone who has ever LP'ed better look out, the asperger's brigade on ED is coming to rip the shit out of them.
by AlexGRFan97Two February 07, 2013
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