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One who is both blessed and cursed with superior intelligence. Most geniuses are pretty fucked up, but a small few can rise from the failures of their peers and end up being accepted by society through some factor of conformity. There is no shame in this, for if you do not conform, you'll end up chasing street cars for the rest of your life.
You have to work to do good in school. Geniuses have to work to fit in.
#smart #amazing #brilliant #people #away
by Stcb May 08, 2007
Possibly the greatest band ever, because of their awesome punk rock beats. Anybody who does not agree is into shit bands like simple plan.
by Stcb April 09, 2005
The best game ever created.
Ristar is the best game ever made.
by Stcb March 30, 2005
A good game for the Genesis;my new internet identity.
I like pie a lot.

It taste like bacon.
by Stcb April 16, 2005
A very overrated game for a crappy system, n00bs consider it to be the best FPS ever, but these are the people when asked about other shooting games they say "Oh, I don't play any other games!"
Sk8erhalo696969: OMG HALO SI TEH BSET GMAE EVA!!!!!
Stcb: No its not, ever played Half-Life, Its the best.
Sk8erhalo696969: OMG HALF WHAT?
by Stcb May 01, 2005
Basically, a hilarious site that makes fun of everything imaginable. If you dislike ED, you probably are either 1. incredibly liberal or conservative (IE narrow-minded), 2. an idiot, or 3. somebody who takes the internet too seriously. It's a funny website as long as you don't take it too seriously.
Guy: Hey, did you see Encyclopedia Dramatica's article on Halo? It's really funny.
Guy 2: Oh, I hate that site. It makes fun of everything.
Guy: It's just parody. Don't take it so seriously.
Guy 2: Now that I have my head out of my ass, I can enjoy some comedy. Thanks, Guy!
#funny #urbandictionary #something awful #conservative #cool
by Stcb April 03, 2007
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