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The act of being over emotional, especially when referring to somebody into the emo lifestyle.
Eddy is emoing because I wouldn't go to Six Flags with him.
by Tom Anderson October 16, 2004
Emoing- the act of acting like a depressed suicidal worthless piece of crap. Altho many people consider emoing it' to be an act of the devil and/or jackie c. sometimes emoing it can be good for ones health. After a long emo sess. one feels refreshed and relaxed much of the same feeling as one recieves after pleasuring themselves.
Nicky- Ayo did you see that kid in the purple saturn emoing it?

Dipper- Nah man why what was he doing?
how could you tell?

Nicky- he was dildaring,and cranking a butt while listening to evril lagvine on the radio
by dipper Jones February 27, 2008
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