A person that supposedly wears huge glasses and baggy pants, but in reality don't. They are in touch with their emotions, and when they are with friends, are usually very happy and laughing. They are not stupid pussies that cut their wrists and write angsty poems. They are sick of seeing rich white suburban kids that have a nice home in New Haven acting like they come from the ghettos of LA. All emo haters are either wiggers (like describes in the last sentence) or trend-obsessed MTV losers. Oh, and here is something for all the immature kids that posted that anti-emo people definitions:

Shut up. The music you listen is mostly about pimps, bitches, and riding on 24's, while the music emo kids listen to actually mean something.
Wigger: yo u suk u emo kid go slit ur wrists

emo kid: No.

wigger: y ur emo

emo kid: Because I don't cry myself to sleep and I don't make stereotypes true.
by Blahb February 22, 2005
one who prefers underground music, kicks it in the back, keeps to themselves, doesn't care about the popular stuff and doesn't care what others think.
their not punk rockers, their the emo kids.
by K August 06, 2003
Emo is basicly the new trend or whatever?? Umm...you are not emo if you go around telling people you're emo and wear shirts that actually say the word EMO on them. Half the people following this trend were WIGGERS last year and are all of a sudden talking about how rap is forbidden if you wanna be emo. You can't just wake up one day and decide you're going to chop your hair unevenly and cake on eyeliner. People need to understand that. People also need to quit sterotyping kids that are emo. That just proves that they are pathetic and have nothing better to do than judge people. And no...not all emo kids are obsessed with their hair and not all emo guys wear "girl pants" or whatever you wanna call them, and not all emos cut themselves and show their scars off! If they really are emotional and do cut themselves then they aren't going to show anyone. They will try and cover it up.
OMG turn it! I like can't listen to rap!! I will like go and cut myself if you keep it there because I hang out with the emo kids now and we aren't allowed to listen to this stuff!!
by Whitney2010 November 25, 2006
How you can identity an emo kid:
Black, thick framed glasses
An extra small t-shirt/cardigan
Pretty tight pants
Converse All Star shoes/hightops
Possibly a studded belt
Usually carrying around some notebook/poetry book/messenger bag

First of all, emo = emotional.
Your typical emo kid is usually sad, upset, maybe angry and the world. They always talk about heartbreak. Always about misfortunes, and never see the upside to things. In short, emo kids are emotional.
That kid who sits under the tree writing poems about the girlfriend he lost in grade 4.
by I'm Meryl September 19, 2003
According to basically everyone, I am an emo kid, so I guess you could say I have "insight".

Not all emo kids hurt themselves. The ones that do sure as hell don't parade around showing the scars off.

Another thing about cutting: It's addicting, and it's hard to get over, so i would advise you all not to do it. Depression and suicide are serious problems, and the whole emo craze has made them a joke.

When did the whole "sweaters and too-small clothes" become emo? it makes no sense. Most of the emo kids are essentially hiding behind the black and strange clothing. We wear what we want. A lot of us are already outcasted, so why not wear whatever?

For most the emo kids i know, music is their life. It's mine,too. Non-poseurs don't listen to certain things just to be considered "emo". Emo is overrated and misunderstood, to be completely honest.

And My Chemical Romance is not emo. I'm sorry to all you haters out there, but they're not.
You're not emo kids just because you wear black.
You don't wear black just becuse you're depressed.

Wear what you want. Who cares?

"You should never feel the fucking need to hurt yourself, because this world is gonna hurt you fucking worse than you could hurt yourself." Gerard Way
by x.erica April 02, 2007
First, I am going to tell you what emo is not.
Emo is not "omgzz i'm gonna go slit my wrists." It is not the stereotypical tight jeans and shirts on both sexes. Emo is not always a genre of music.
Emo means (and please don't get all mad at me, but this is what my experience tells me) means pretty much emotional.
Now, it doesn't mean that the kid is always depressed and sad and mopey, it just means that the kid goes through mood swings relatively fast.
Now, emo kids can be seen wearing a typical tight demeanor (tight clothing) with flats, odd, clashing accessories, and greasy (or not) hair with long bangs. Black eyeliner as well. But this does not mean that all emo's wear the same thing. They can wear whatever the hell they want, but this style attracts lots of Emo Kids.
Some emo kids are actually always depressed, but I like to call these... depressed kids. NOT emo's. These are the kind of kids who give a bad name to emo's and are the main stereotype for emo's.
I don't really understand why everybody thinks it's funny to stereotype emo's as suicide victims and ungrateful depressed people.
It's not really like that.
Emo kid 1 : My boyfriend broke up with me.
Emo Kid 2 : Thats too bad. Wanna come over to watch a movie?
Emo Kid 1 : Yeah, that'd be fun. I can show you my new skinny jeans.
Emo Kids 2 : Rad. Come on over.

by Omigodalexan December 19, 2006
An Emo Kid, is someone who's EMOTIONAL, Emotional doesn't necessarily mean sad all the time, it just means that emotions waver easily. I'm emo, I'm not always sad, I don't have a specific emotion that I stick to for attention, just when we do have a strong emotion, it's very deep and, yes it is kind of a style aswell, with the drain pipe jeans thing, and the side fringe, except right now I have a foward fringe, so the stereotype doesnt exactly always apply, don't judge us, everyone should be allowed to be who they want to be.
Emo kids -
Dedicated in love
Obvious when we're sad or happy
We're not all loners either
by ChloeT October 25, 2006
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