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A very kickass acoustic/rock/emo band. It is a one man band led by John Vesely.
by xSecondhand Serenadex :] June 20, 2006
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A one man acoustic "rock" band. Sings as if his balls have yet to drop, even at the age of 26. Music consists of acoustic guitar and piano mostly. Lyrics ALWAYS about his past relationships or mistakes. His fan base consists of boys who claim not to be homosexual and girls who lie to themselves about how bad their lives are in order to relate to his uhhh "real" problems tied within his lyrics. All in all, this so called band is not for either the unwilling or even the willing ears.
Hey, you ever heard of secondhand serenade?

Uhh, oh the one with the guy with his balls stuck in his vagina?
by Marley_reah June 26, 2010
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