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Thw world's smallest form of penis compensation.
Make sure you wear your white headphones everywhere you go while struting around in your tight pants and white belt while listening to the latest Hawthorne Heights song. Who cares if you have no class or taste, you're cool.
by Amall July 31, 2005
National Restaurant Association. An important organization which protects American citizen's God-given right to enjoy tasty food.
Those who are opposed to it should move to an overseas restaurant-banning country.
by Amall June 24, 2005
This is what happens when you cross a goth with a yuppie. Simultaneously angst-ridden and narcissistic, this currently describes all the hip, popular, "cool" teenagers who ironically think they're outcasts.

Emo kids don't reject pop culture, they ARE pop culture.
Emo kids are about as creative and original as a wood plank.
by Amall May 30, 2005
The largest unified coalition of dumb blondes the world has ever seen.
Oh my god, like, we have to like, totally help all the poor cute animals who are like, totally being abused by evil scientists and stuff.
by Amall June 07, 2005
1.Someone who doesn't get his(sic) opinions spoonfed to him(sic) by Rush Limbaud(sic) and Fox News.

2.Someone who gets their opinions spoonfed to them by George Soros and MTV.
I think, therefore I am (an independent) :)
by Amall July 05, 2005
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