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Emmelys are beautiful and smart. They are amazing kissers and terrific in bed ;). They are very spontaneous and sweet. If you find an Emmely don't let go, you might never find someone like her again. They are hilarious and normally have a big butt and boobs and lips . They are so great and caring.
Tom: I met this girl named Emmely and she is fine.
Chuck: Oh I wish I could find an Emmely.
by butterfly917 January 13, 2012
A transgendered person acting and dressing like one but still denying it when people ask. Sometimes the "Emmely" likes to touch guys' mantits and suddenly starts to lick her lips while she whispers into their ears "Oh... Yes...".
Dude! Did you see Emmely last night? She was so into my tits!

by kumfais April 02, 2011
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