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An Idea backing up or dissing another idea
Galileo had a lemma about the earth being at the center of the universe
by $†?vø April 01, 2008
The most beautiful girl in the world usually freaky in the bedroom and loves you to death
My lemma is the most sweetest and adorable kitty and I love her
by nikhandle March 05, 2015
When you have a situation for which there is only one choice, that you have to do. You don't really want to do it, but there's no choice.

As opposed to a dilemma when you have two choices for a situation.
"Last night I had to go see the 12:01 showing of Green Hornet. The only time I could see it. I didn't want to, but I had to. Eh, I'm in a real lemma." Ben Mankiewicz, the What the Flick?! movie review show
by QuestionMarc January 15, 2011
Derogatory slang referring to a mentally handicapped person.
That lemma thought he could make his computer go faster by switching the voltage to 220.
by Bob Farmer August 24, 2007
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