the most amazing girl in the world
damn shes an emma
by the beast baller November 07, 2010
kind of a big deal. She can make you smile when you feel terrible. She is a total nerd and perfectly okay with it. She has excellent taste in friends. She doesn't feel as if she can accomplish anything unless she's dressed and showered. She is often associated with Doctor Who and Harry Potter. She enjoys whimsical pictures and has an appreciation of unicorns. She is the smartest person in the whole freaking world and everyone loves her. She's insecure about her body, but she shouldn't be. She's a fantastic cook and her face in gorgeous. Often people are perplexed by the wonder that is Emma.

Nicknames for Emma are often Ermy, Eem, Ema, and Eem Jayo
Dat Emma is FINE!
by oliviaisasunicornwarrior February 04, 2012
this amazing girl who makes everyone smile. Shes funny and loud and makes everyone around her smile! Shes a pretty brunette, with amazing blue eyes and she makes all the boys do double takes. Everyone loves her.
Oh my god, that girl is such an emma.
by lovelylala2015 November 16, 2010
Emma is a girl that is amazingly beautiful, has wonderful eyes, has a positive attitude on everything, has a great sense of humor but has an appropriate amount of seriousness, overall Emma's are wonderful girls... If you ever run across one just admire her beauty and thank her for that...
Dude #1: Man is that Emma?
Dude #2: Hell yeah!
Dude #1: Fuck man we should go thank her for her beautiful body...
Dude #2: Lets go!
by Watson/Jacob/Daruis April 23, 2013
A common girls name. Can be shortened to emz or em, either or sounds good! I have a friend called emma aswell :)
yo yo yo emma!!!!!!!!!!
by Ginjaben March 13, 2007
Nicest girl you will ever meet! An Emma is amazing at so many things and she doesnt even know it! The most selfless, caring friend you will ever find. If you find an Emma grab her and never let her go!
Guy1: Wow! I wish emma was my girl friend.
Guy2: Me too!
by mwah_kiss April 22, 2013
Emma, is soo pretty, sexy, nice, kind, and outgoing, if you ever meet emma, all you will be thinking, is OMG she is so pretty, i want to date this girl, emma is somewhat pretty, and attracts guys instantly, emma is the one for you. Emma has a booty like kim kardashin

Hey, you know that really hot girl in grade 7? Yeah, emma?
Yeah thats the one,! shes so hot!
(Sexy), (Pretty), (Cute), (Nice Butt), (Emma)
by Jason Srocak March 25, 2012

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