A girl who is very popular and has a lot of friends. Everyone wants to be friends with her, and she might act like your friend just to make you happy. Some people really hate her though. She'll come along and take your friends and ruin your life. She thinks all the guys like her, although they probably don't. She is way too flirty. Always the main attraction. At parties and dances, she's always in the middle, dancing like a stripper, way too sexy. Overall, she comes across as amazingly nice but inside, she's shallow. Don't tell her your secrets unless you want everyone to know them, too. Don't get too close to an Emma unless you are like her.
by This bomb.com kind of person March 13, 2013
An awesome mullet
woah that chick Emma is a mullet
by mulletttttt! September 21, 2011
A generally nice girl who, despite being so nice, has incredibly low standards, and has a mildly distracting lack of eyebrows.
She's being so nice to such a prick, she's obviously an Emma.
by Arse_Biscuit July 26, 2011
This girl is ammazing and would love to have sex with Dallas.
by damodamo April 10, 2011
Some random chick, who's life aim is to infect the entire world with AIDS & resurrect the NAZI Party.
Who are you going to vote for?

Probably Emma.
by Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeema November 16, 2010
A notoriously foul smelling and asexual beast. Commonly found in Northern Michigan prowling the forsaken streets of towns and active school yards. Once thought to be a docile animal, further research has shown aggressive behavior around seniors and the smallest, red haired children they can sniff out. Defensive mechanisms are known to be very loud and high pitched whining sounds, noxious odors, clawed feet and hands. They are also known to keep the change and snatch food and drinks from the company refrigerator. Avoid at all costs.
Man: "Oh, look! There's an Emma! Run fast and far away children. Don't forget to hide your energy drinks and ask for your change back!"
by PapaJack August 20, 2013
girl who looks her own name up on urban dictionary.

apprently plays with herself according to some, who knows, depends if u believe andy.
person: hey emma whatcha doing?

emma: looking up my name on urban dictionary. saaaaaafe
by moihahaha April 02, 2009
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