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Emma; from the Finnish word meaning Mrs. Valo

Emma was a British gypsy that made clocks in the early 1900s. She was married to a Finnish man. He was a very handsome man who's name was special. It was Ville Hermanni Valo, meaning William Herman Light.

The word Emma also means tower; from the German word, emarr (castle)

Hello, my name is Emma
-Hello, my name is Mrs. Valo

By using the name Emma, people knew who was married, and who was not.

I am stuck in an emma, help!
-I am stuck in a tower, help!
by Emm (With a silent a) February 20, 2009
A horrible novel by author Jane Austen, used as a weapon by English teachers to inflict intense pain and boredom upon any classes they may not like. Very dull, irrelavent and uninteresting, and a textbook example of what's wrong with the education system's choices for student reading today.
"Oh man, I've gotta plough through Emma if I want to pass English, even though it ranks in top 3 worst books of all time"
by zzz573 March 07, 2008
The name for anyone's girlfriend or prospective girlfriend. Can also be used for any Girl.
"It's funny cause Rhys likes Emma"
"Who's Emma?"
"You know, Emma.. "
"You know.. Emma"
"Oh, You mean Alexia, Right?"
by Ray Charles III June 10, 2008
The act of judging another's food or looking down on people's culinary skills (lack of).
OMG stop emma-ing my mince and bacon sandwiches.
Don't emma me just because I eat a big bag of mini eggs everyday.
by magicbeansmagicbeansmagicbeans February 06, 2008
total slut who is usually the most poplar girl but inside is a cold hearted bitch, people hate her but no one will tell her. The day when she falls is the day everyone becomes happy. she's pretty but she suffers from mega acne and has not boobs. she picks on other people bringing them down constantly. When she's really only jealous. she has money and uses it to get people to like her when people only like her cause they wanna get things from her and use her. no one ever wants to be an emma.
"woah that girls such a bitch, she must be an emma"
by margot 708302 August 16, 2009
Usually a stuck-up republican bitch.
Person: Emma, want to do vodka shots with us?!
Emma: *gasp* drinking is bad for you! I don't drink! You're killing you're liver! Don't you not turn 21 for another month?! I'm calling the cops!
by Jeweliepop February 14, 2009
a complete and utter psychopath who will date rape you and then turn up in your bedroom in a thunderstorm floating above your bed in a black tattered robe with red eyes. she also hates her father and adores films like vampire high which she watches in her laundry day clothes. in her defence her boyfriend did run away with a a stripper!
"wow Sam you've been totally EMMAD! at least now your going out with that whore"
by aas productions September 21, 2008