Some random chick, who's life aim is to infect the entire world with AIDS & resurrect the NAZI Party.
Who are you going to vote for?

Probably Emma.
by Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeema November 16, 2010
girl who looks her own name up on urban dictionary.

apprently plays with herself according to some, who knows, depends if u believe andy.
person: hey emma whatcha doing?

emma: looking up my name on urban dictionary. saaaaaafe
by moihahaha April 02, 2009
An Emma is a wild creature known to roam the plains of the Eastern USA. Tends to feed off of the sadness of men and taunt them with sexual innuendos on a daily basis. Even though she does this men swoon for her on an hourly basis.
Bro 1 - Hey dude man dude is that Emma?
Bro 2- Nah brah... wait! AHH!

*bright light*
*Bro 2 dies*
Bro 1 - :0
by Mr.Gags August 05, 2011
The biggest slut you'll ever meet.
Shannon: "That girl has had sex with over 100 people"
Amy: "She's define you an Emma"
by EmmaDoherty November 22, 2013
Shes a total whore who flirts with the entire boy population. Shes in love with herself and makes up lies for 'fun' and causes shit between everyone. Boys love her but never know what shes really like.
person 1; did you see emma today?
person 2; yeh i saw her just round the corner snogging the face off this 'new boyfriend'.
person 1; i thought she only got a new one yesterday?:L
person 2; no, keep up, shes had 7 since then..
by feathers and spannah November 27, 2011
Trifling whore who likes all the boys mainly the ones with girlfriends she's super thirsty and always begging for attention.. Everyone gets really annoyed with her but she doesn't know how to take a hint. Avoid at all costs
Girl 1 "look at that girl all over Rebecca's boyfriend.."
Girl 2 "that's Emma she wasn't hugged enough as a child.."
by The girls at the table May 02, 2013
An individual who is greatly respected and praised by adults yet has a sharp tongue and physically and mentally abuses his/her/hermaphrodite's peers. This person is also someone who always give 110%, especially in sport related activities, which she just so happens to be extremely talented in.
Man, i wish i was like emma, SHES GOD!
by Goodnessgosh June 24, 2011

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