An individual who is greatly respected and praised by adults yet has a sharp tongue and physically and mentally abuses his/her/hermaphrodite's peers. This person is also someone who always give 110%, especially in sport related activities, which she just so happens to be extremely talented in.
Man, i wish i was like emma, SHES GOD!
by Goodnessgosh June 24, 2011
A gorgeous girl with tattoos, piercings, as well as huge boobs.
She is known for her lack of self confidence, her dishonesty, her love of animals, the fact that she is a huge whore and also she makes her self throw up because she's drastically insecure.
Friend1: Emma is so hot!
Friend2: Yeah, but she's a huge slut.
Friend1: So?
Friend2: Good point, just make sure she doesn't puke on you.
by randyquaid June 15, 2011
a girl with no equal, halfway between biker slut and gothic princess, she moves with the grace of an angel even with a pint in her hand. fond of raping men but behing the ice queen lies a heart as fiery as the sun.
have you met emma
yea she's pretty hot
by The Irish Skipper February 10, 2010
the coolest lamp in the world. she is a neon colors with fishies on it. SEXIEST LAMP ALIVEEEEEE
"omigod, i got the coolest emma on saturday"

"my emma is so bright"

"emmas are sexy"
by emmmmmmmmmmaaaaa March 22, 2009
Enjoys maniacally masturbating animals
I heard that crazy cat lady is a real emma
by cam1111111 June 25, 2012
bit of a slut at times. she enjoys getting PRU and is aggressive. she likes to flirt with boys, lead them on and then change her mind. what a hoe.
friend: woah whos that girl
friend 2: dude! thats an emma, don't go near her.
by JohnBishop2k11 August 18, 2011
A girl that Lacks proper Etiquette, who blatantly picks her nose in front of others, and often farts and burps in small encolsed spaces, causing suffering and distress to those around her.
I feel like I need a shower after spending the day with Emma!
by babydaddy#4 April 22, 2011

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