The most annoying person you will ever meet. She can either choose to not talk to you, talk with you, or bug the heck out of you.
The one and only Emma
by EmmaWeirdo April 28, 2011
A girl who is very popular and has a lot of friends. Everyone wants to be friends with her, and she might act like your friend just to make you happy. Some people really hate her though. She'll come along and take your friends and ruin your life. She thinks all the guys like her, although they probably don't. She is way too flirty. Always the main attraction. At parties and dances, she's always in the middle, dancing like a stripper, way too sexy. Overall, she comes across as amazingly nice but inside, she's shallow. Don't tell her your secrets unless you want everyone to know them, too. Don't get too close to an Emma unless you are like her.
by This kind of person March 13, 2013
An Emma is word used to discribe a person who thinks they're a turtle or lizard. Emmas are people who are slightly strange and are someetimes mistaken for mentally unstable. They develope a state of Emma-ness at around the age of 8. They eventually learn that they are not reptiles.
"My aunt is an Emma, I met her last night"

"Isn't a Emma someone with a mental problem?"

"No, they just think that they are turtles"
by Mawage May 23, 2012
cute, funny, sweet, loving, amazing, dog, animal, human, buddy, tiny.
she is, amazing, considered fabulous among friends, loves cheesecake (a little too much!) emma
by luna luna 3925 March 31, 2011
The most amazing girl you will ever meet EXTREAMLY HOT Loves to suck things will always get the boys and loves a dara
that chick who is sucking the table must be an emma!
by wierdestchickalive January 10, 2012
A girl who leaves her friend in europe at a crazy person's house.
Did you hear what happened?

Yeah she totally left Gab at Ondrej's in Prague!

What an Emma!
by SuperAwesomePersonSomewhere April 27, 2011
An awesome mullet
woah that chick Emma is a mullet
by mulletttttt! September 21, 2011

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