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Emma is a name for a girl who is smart and pretty. famous emma's include: Emma Stone, Emma Watson, Emma Roberts, Emma Thompson, Emma Willis, Emma Bowkletet, Emma samms, Emma Lazaurus.
Emma is so great.
by chinsdancing April 08, 2013
29 1
Nicest girl you will ever meet! An Emma is amazing at so many things and she doesnt even know it! The most selfless, caring friend you will ever find. If you find an Emma grab her and never let her go!
Guy1: Wow! I wish emma was my girl friend.
Guy2: Me too!
by mwah_kiss April 22, 2013
26 0
An Outgoing, Fun, Funny, Down to Earth, Party Girl, Loving, Fashionable, Goofy, Loves To Hang With Friends, All Around Awsome Girl To Have Fun With And To Hang!!! :D
You Are So Emma

That Is Such A Emma

OMG That Is An Emma
by Emmers13 January 20, 2011
64 38
kind of a big deal. She can make you smile when you feel terrible. She is a total nerd and perfectly okay with it. She has excellent taste in friends. She doesn't feel as if she can accomplish anything unless she's dressed and showered. She is often associated with Doctor Who and Harry Potter. She enjoys whimsical pictures and has an appreciation of unicorns. She is the smartest person in the whole freaking world and everyone loves her. She's insecure about her body, but she shouldn't be. She's a fantastic cook and her face in gorgeous. Often people are perplexed by the wonder that is Emma.

Nicknames for Emma are often Ermy, Eem, Ema, and Eem Jayo
Dat Emma is FINE!
by oliviaisasunicornwarrior February 04, 2012
39 14
An artistic, independent minded girl. She doesn't need anyone but herself to help her on her way. She is wild, fun, and a great friend. She can be stubborn, and won't stop an argument until she has made her point, but she is also forgiving and loyal. She is the bravest of her friends, often a daredevil. She won't be into the mainstream things in society, but make herself her own style.
"You should be more like Emma. Don't be afraid."
by Protus Gathaway November 04, 2013
24 0
always amazing and beautiful, takes your breath away.Never unhappy even if things look bad.Always a freind.
"that was the worst day ever"."Then the days can only get better"said emma
by iron=Fe February 10, 2013
24 0
An Emma is a truly amazing person who is willing to help their friends and always is random and saying things to make you happy and brighten your mood. An Emma is a perfect friend and is gorgeous inside and out.
Wow! My friend is a total Emma!
by Emmathedilemma January 23, 2013
25 1
The most wonderful girl in the universe, Emma is smart, sexy, sweet, loving, strong, and exciting. Emma can turn a bad day into a happy one just by smiling! Emma is the best thing that ever has and ever will happen to a guy with the first letter of his name being: A.
Boy: I'm feeling tired...

Emma:*Smiles at boy*

Boy: Wide awake and happy as can be!
by Lucki3st guy 1n the world September 23, 2012
26 2