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Emily is a girl who loves art and doesn't let anyone's opinion bother her. she can be blunt sometimes and if you find it hard to take the honesty, then you can't get along with her. but once you know her intentions are good, you got yourself a good friend.
"emily said she didn't think my haircut looks good :("
"she just thinks you look better with long hair. girl, you know emily doesnt lie"
by TheDarkLord21 March 21, 2012
An emily is a loyal friend you have had for a long time tht suddenly turns into your dream girl even though shes nothing that you have ever liked before.
i want to be with Emily! but she doesnt like me
by jerrythe king August 22, 2011
A girl (duh) who is smart and artistic. Too shy to ask anyone out, but makes it clear if she likes you. Big tits and beautiful eyes. May bite, pinch or slap if annoyed.
Guy 1: Woah... Look at her.
Guy 2: Man, she has big tits.
(Pause to stare at girl)
Guy 2: AAAGH! And sharp teeth!
Guy 1: Damn, she must be an Emily.
by SausageGirl January 02, 2011
She loves all of her friends and pets.
Woah I wish I was one of Emily's friends
by Itswhatyouare February 11, 2011
Emily's can be a bitch to those they don't like, however if they do like you they seam to be the most beautiful amazing person ever. Even if people don't like her they see her as the most beautiful person ever.
That girl is such an Emily such a bitch but she is beautiful.
That girl is my Emily, my amazing best friend that I love
by emmajt97 January 22, 2011
An Emily is the most amazing girl to ever walk the Earth. She gets jealous quite frequently and falls for the wrong guys. But when she finds the right guy, never let her go. You will surely regret losing her. She has an amazing smile and you can get lost in her eyes.
Josh: Dude, did you see that girl?

Alex: Yes. What about her?

Josh: She's beautiful. She has to be an Emily.
by We Begin The Hunt Tonight January 05, 2011
She is a great friend. Loyal and supportive, she will always listen to your problems with all her heart. Emily's are also very fun and outgoing; crazy at times. She stands out in a good or even bad way but will always be able to make you laugh with her silliness. She is very insecure, however. She hides away all her sad feelings and is good at faking a smile. Emily will be sad but you would never know it. She also doesn't think that she is beautiful and special. She feels bashful whenever complemented and may become very shy. Emily doesn't think she's good at anything even if, in reality, she is very well-rounded and talented. She will be satisfied with being held and told that you love her. Most Emily's are beautiful inside and out. Don't let an Emily with genuine feelings slip you by because Emily may have deep trust issues and you may not get a second chance. She will foolishly make mistakes and fall in love. She'll need someone to help her back onto her feet sometimes. Emily also tends to be very clumsy but a fun person, overall.
Person1: Hey, who was that bold girl last night?
Person2: That was an Emily, wasn't she fun?
Person1: Yeah.....I wish she was mine....<3


Person1: Hey Emily! How are you?
Emily: -cried herself to sleep- Good! How about you?
Person1: Great!


Person1: My boyfriend cheated on me!
Emily: Aw! It'll be alright. He doesn't deserve someone like you anyways. Screw him and that second girl. You, as an individual, are already beautiful, intelligent, kind, and perfect. I love you and all our other friends do too so forget him! :)
Person1: Wow, thanks Emily! You're right! I don't need that jerk!
by mysteryx3 April 18, 2013