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An Emily, is one who rides unicorns. All Emily's have the magic talent to ride a unicorn anywhere they want. Normally the unicorn is pink, but sometimes can be other colors, like dark pink. If you see an Emily, make sure you bring up the topic about unicorns, and watch as she she goes on and on about them. Unicorns are very special to Emily's and it's easy to know what to get an Emily for her birthday!
Danielle: Look, it's a girl riding a unicorn way up in the sky!

Jenny: Oh, it must be an Emily! Look at her go!

The Emily waves and smiles as she glides by on her unicorn.
by KittyKittyKat January 04, 2010
A girl that makes cheese with her eyes. Everyone in the neighborhood comes to a Harper with hope of getting delicious fresh cheese.
Girl: I'm on my way to a local Harper to get some fresh eyed cheese!
Boy: Oh, me too! I love me some Harper cheese!
by KittyKittyKat January 03, 2010
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