Emily is a great girl. Loves her friends, she has a fantastic laugh that everyone loves. She would do anything for her friends and always puts mates before dates. Although she's never dated, she says that she doesn't want to and will wait until she's ready to have a girlfriend. She never puts a foot out of place. Everyone wants an Emily as a best friend.
'Aw, that Emily, she's so sweet.'
'Yeah, an absolute angel.'
by thenamehacker October 27, 2012
If someone has the name Emily, they r beautiful and the people around an Emily should be grateful to have Emily in their life. She may appear shy but once u get to know her, you'll realize she's hilarious and a great person. You'll be glad u met her.
Emily is really nice. She sure is beautiful too!
by Divine ken own mdnv December 14, 2014
A beautiful girl. She typically has light brown, curly hair, that is long and flowing. Her eyes are hazel, and you get lost in them. She is fun, and VERY smart. She is especially interested in medicine, and would love to be a doctor. She loves music, and could probably play piano. She is not all serious though. She loves to pull pranks and joke with her friends. She is not interested in boys, especially the "hipster" types. She likes smart, clean cut, boy-next-door types. Emily is a great person.
Wow, look at that girl over there! She looks like an Emily!
by Lyrics are Life September 30, 2012
Emily... these are the girls you see but don't always notice. They are sometimes the annoying ones you have never gotten the chance to want to know. The loud ones, the irritating ones, the completely insane ones. Why want to know one? Because Emilys are amazing. They are protective, ditsy, and utterly HILARIOUS. Once you meet an Emily you will never forget her. She can always make you laugh but is always there when you need to cry. No one could ask for a better weirdo. And no weirdo could ever be better.
Emily is my best friend, and I will always love her.
by Minecraftyweirdo1924 January 31, 2015
She's crazy and funny and will refuse to be girly. They're usually really artistic and will make you laugh. They may not think they're pretty but they are. When you hang out with them you'll laugh REALLY hard and make new inside jokes.
"Did you see Emily

She's our awesome"
by PeriwinkleCat December 20, 2014
The most beautiful girl in the world. If you look in her eyes for too long then you may get lost in a world full of beauty and kindness
Boy 1: wow is that an angel
Boy 2: no that's Emily
by annomonouse November 29, 2014
A quirky, adorable, fun loving, girl who would make the perfect bestfriend for anyone alive ever. Emily is a goddess descended from heaven above to make peace and awesomeness for all the world. Emily will punch the shit out of you if you need to be set straight but she can be the kindest most delicate thing in the world. She will do anything ti stand up for her friends and i just by far a great human being. Everyone wants, no everyone needs an emily.
Mom: son you NEED to take out the trash!
Son: No mom, i NEED an emily!!
by tacocat333meisme October 22, 2014

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